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Welcome to the Creekside learning center! We want to help you learn more about topics involving fire appliances – as well as the types of projects we provide to our customers.

Below you will find these 4 categories:

All About Fireplaces

Learning about the different kinds of fireplaces can be helpful when deciding on what appliance is best suited for your home.

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Can I Convert My Fireplace?
Direct Vent vs. Ventless Gas Fireplaces
How Ventless Fireplaces Work
What is a Fireplace Insert?
What is an Electric Fireplace?

All About Chimneys

Learning about chimneys is important when owning a fire appliance or planning on having one installed in your home. The article below discusses the importance of chimney cleanings, and how they can help prevent unwanted damage and fires in your home and chimney.

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Chimney Cleanings

All About Gas Logs

Gas logs are an essential component to owning a gas fireplace. To learn more about them, check out our articles below for more information!

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Gas Log F.A.Q.
Vented vs. Ventless Gas Logs

All About Our Projects

Learn about the different kinds of fire appliance projects we provide to you at Creekside.

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Project Definitions

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